Chain Stretch

How to avoid chain stretch One of the most common problems that comes into our workshop is issues with shifting or chain skipping. Chain skipping is when the pedals slip forward as pressure is applied resulting in a sudden jerk forward of the feet. One cause of chain skipping is a stretched chain. Believe it... Read More

Finding the Perfect Tire Pressure

We’ve all had that moment when you’re about to get out on a bike you haven’t ridden in a while and the tires seem underinflated or even flat. You get out your pump but then ask, what is the correct pressure to inflate the tires to? Does it even matter? If I push my thumb... Read More

Ocala Mountain Bike Association

Thanks to OMBA arranging monthly trail maintenance events that help keep our trails the best in Florida. We are always happy to sponsor trail workday and want to give a big shout to all the volunteers from this Saturday . Thank you.